Papa laughed when we introduced the idea of a cook book.

Now it’s actually here.

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Ramona Maramis
‘Especially with the personal stories of the family, I often got a lump in my throat with emotion. Eating and eating together connects; that is something I know from my own Indian roots.. Truly beautiful and inspiring to read. Bonus points for the fun writingstyle and the humour that went in to it, hilarious!’
Ramona Maramis The Monkey
Marieke Verdenius
‘The recipes in this special cookbook are just as heartwarming as the family themselves. A delightful book full of food stories and Indian cuisine with a Western touch, which is with great pride put together by Papa Kazmi’s children.’
Marieke Verdenius Jamie Magazine

Stasja Kapitonov

‘This ode to Papa Kazmi’s modern, Indian cuisine is full of recipies we did not even know existed. In a charming way are familyrecipies introduced with touching, personal stories as told by Papa Kazmi’s offspring. We are fan of the book!’

Stasja Kapitonov ELLE