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Award winning cafe

In 2012, dad’s big dream came true: running his own restaurant with his kids. ‘Hills & Mills‘ opened that summer, in Delft. People from far and near visit us to enjoy his cooking skills.The cafe is a well-known place by now. On independent review sites, we show up in the top 10 structurally. The (international) media know how to find us. Dad is asked for interviews and to serve food on location. But above all: people feel at home.

nan chicken


‘Cookbooks? I prefer gut feeling!’ — Papa Kazmi


nan chicken

Chef, host and dad

One of the best examples of people feeling at home is the story of our guest Karen, dad’s biggest fan. She is partly responsible for the name ‘Papa Kazmi’. From the very first moment, she trusted dad to surprise her with a homemade meal. When she heard his kids calling him dad, she followed. She began to order ‘Papa’s plate’. Soon, this became Papa Kazmi.


‘Bon chef.’ —  Papa Kazmi


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Dad's restaurant belongs to the top of Delft according to 6 independent platforms