You may know him from

His four kids are Papa’s voice on the internet. For them, this is a way to connect with him daily. And to reminisce good times regularly. This is who they are.

Sheraz (1985)

  1. The oldest, and the most responsible.
  2. A real leader. As a captain of his cricket team and as a role model in his ‘purposeful concepts’.
  3. Is the co-founder of the concepts Kazmi & Kazmi, The Pure Family, Hills & Mills, MiU Marketing, ONE-a-day and INMWTS..
  4. Loves sports, art, fine dining and cooking.

nan chicken

Nawaz( 1987)

  1. The psychologist, and the observer.
  2. Is the one you tell personal things.
  3. Forms a purposeful power house with Sheraz.
  4. Loves extreme sports, healthy living and self-development.

Batul( 1992)

  1. The connector, and the most fun.
  2. Has friends everywhere.
  3. Knows what she wants.
  4. Loves to have fun, and has it lots.

nan chicken

Fiza (2003)

  1. Is as mature as her elder sibblings.
  2. Speaks 3 languages (Dutch, English and Urdu) fluently.
  3. Is the mascot of Papa Kazmi.
  4. Loves to share a sushi platter.

‘This is just the beginning.’ — Papa Kazmi


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You may know him from