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When his kids told him the idea of a very own cookbook, Papa Kazmi laughed. Still, a year ago they started ‘project cook book’. They want to realize the first print of the book by running a crowdfunding campaign. Read more about it in our press release.

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  1. Press release: ‘Crowdfunding for the cook book from the chef of Hills & Mills has launched’
  2. Papa Kazmi on CrowdAboutNowFacebook and Instagram
  3. Papa Kazmi is member of The Pure Family, next to Hills & Mills and HAKA.

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  1. ‘The story is straight from the heart, and therefore we also talk about less happier times. Like the period our parents divorced. And how we managed to fight through this period with cozy dinners with lots of different items.’ — Sheraz Kazmi (son, 30)
  2. ‘Bon chef!’ — Papa Kazmi
  3. ‘With this cook book we’d like to bring a piece of Papa’s magic to people’s homes.’ — Batul Kazmi (daughter, 23)
  4. ‘Our ultimate goal is that in a couple of years from now the book is on the bookshelf of every food fanatic worldwide!’ — Nawaz Kazmi (son, 27)
  5. ‘I enjoy Papa’s food most when we are with the whole family and eat at the dining table.’ — Fiza Kazmi (daughter, 11)

Quotes from fans

  1. ‘I was especially speechless by the personal stories of the family. Eating, eating together connects; something I experience all the way back from my Indonesian roots. Very beautiful and inspiring to read. And extra bonus points for the fun writing style and sense of humor that has been put in it, hilarious!’ – Ramona Maramis, writer, performer and poet.
  2. ‘The banana ginger lassi is a deliciously fresh and creamy drink, packed with fruit and very nutritious. The different exotic flavours come together very nicely.’ — Annemieke de Kroon. writer of Superfood Recipes.
  3. ‘Wow! A great success, also among my friends. The recipes and instructions are very clear and easy to follow.’ — Giorgio Faedo, world traveler.


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